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running horses

Running Free - A Wild Horse Tale

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Discussion Forum

The discussion forum is a private community on Yahoo Groups. You'll need to create a Yahoo ID (if you don't already have one), and be added as member to participate in the forums. It's free to join. Click on the discussion forum link, and then click the "Join this Group" button in the center of the page above the black horse and dog picture. I will receive a notice of your request to join the group.

Once you've been added to the group, navigation is on the left. Here's a brief overview of some of things included in the group.

  • Messages - discussion areas.
  • Chat
  • Photos
  • Members
  • And much more!

Come join the fun in our discussion forum!

In the forum you can:

  • Get more information.
  • Ask questions and receive answers.
  • View other questions and answers.
  • Post your horse stories.
  • Post your successful adoption stories.
  • Post your photos to the photo gallery. You can even make your own photo album.
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